Dear User,

we kindly ask you to perform and check out the following steps:


Access the Internet with your Chrome browser;
(note: the only browser to be used for open beta access; after the release of the final version Firefox can be used too)
Access the site;
Click on the Download button and you’ll be redirect to the Chrome Store;
Click the smiley on the right of the browser address bar to automatically activate the Chrome extension and start the registration procedure;
Click the registration link (note: “not registered? Click here”) in the dialog box which has appeared;


Perform the following registration steps:

Step 1/6: insert your email; consult and accept the terms and privacy guidelines.
Step 2/6: check your email box and insert the temporary code you received. In the same message you will also receive your “username”, insert it in the proper field;
Step 3/6: insert your phone number (note: format with “00” for country code and the following numbers without spaces or any additional characters).
Step 4/6: insert into the proper field the code you have just received via SMS (note: in the event you do not receive the code, please write to . We will be glad to help you);
Step 5/6: go ahead with the login procedure inserting your Name, Surname and one Password of your choice;
Step 6/6: insert the “username” you received (step 2/6) and the chosen password.




While you are browsing you can check the “YOU plug-in status” simply throughout the color icon in the top right of the Chrome browser (see “smiley”, step 6):
ORANGE: the plug-in is connecting;
BORDEAUX: the plug-in is offline;
BLU: the plug-in is active!


To be sure that your online activity is given a value with YOU, make sure that the plug-in is active before starting browsing the Internet;
By clicking the icon in the upper right of the browser address bar, throughout the dialog box you can view your navigation data and access the control panel of your profile; in the “Profile” section you can edit your personal information: name, surname, email, telephone and password;
In your browsing preferences, you can add up to three navigation macro categories that better reflect your interests. YOU will focus on these areas, “by rewarding” them to a greater extent than general navigation activity;



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