What’s YOU?

YOU is more than one thing! Basically YOU is an extremely powerful, reliable and secure parametric engine capable of processing more than 6.5 millions of messages per second! More specifically, YOU is the brand name of a digital financial asset generated directly by the users through a browser plug-in and a mobile application. So far YOU is the digital financial asset, the plug-in, the mobile application and the underlying engine.

The Company was born thanks to the will of the four founders: Enzo Piacenza, Giovanni Piacenza, Diego Zegna ed Edoardo Grigione, with the goal to build a global rewarding system throughout the allocation of a digital financial asset (DFA), an alternative currency created by the user in a unique way. YOU is the new digital currency fully developed and implemented in Italy for a global circulation. It rewards users for the time they spend surfing the Internet and the contents they visit.

What is a Plug-in?

In computing, a plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application.  The common examples are the plug-ins used in web browsers to add new features such as search-engines, virus scanners, or the ability to utilize a new file type such as a new video format.

Where does YOU come from?

YOU is above all a vision. YOU bases its existence on the principle that any single person is a wealth of ideas, contents and preferences. Users are the network and therefore they are worth a prize for what they bring into the network in all the value chain. It is a transverse and mutual user-centric philosophy for a potential limitless platform, unique in the virtual currency scenario.

YOU embodies the ideals of democracy and fairness by reversing the paradigm of the network control since it recognizes to users the value of their online activity by providing a useful tool both as an alternative currency and as a method of transfer, especially it affects the relationship between the users and the companies in real time.

Is YOU free?

Yes it is. Download the plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers and your platform access is totally free.

Is my Privacy secure?

Confidentiality is an essential value. First of all, users are given the option to activate or deactivate the plugin. Secondly data sent to the server are aggregate data, protected by encryption and completely destroyed as soon as the process of verification, generation and distribution has been completed. We do not collect browsing data nor we sell ads.

Is YOU anonymous? 

As stated before, privacy is an unavoidable value for us and we are fully committed to protect it. Still, YOU IS NOT ANONYMOUS. Users should be registered in order to start collecting and exchanging YOU and all transactions are logged and available to the Public Authorities in compliance with legal obligations. This choice, along with the architecture of the framework, allows us to protect our customers  making the system safe and trustable.

User can choose to enable or disable the web plugin in any moment. Data are aggregate (not atomic), handled with cryptography, and destroyed in accordance with the provisions of the platform terms of use. YOU was designed with security in mind: in accordance with the provisions of the platform terms of use, tracking cookies will be deleted after each browsing session and no user preferences or any other information will be stored for profiling purposes. In any moment, the user can visit the statistics page, check the fairness of transactions.

Is YOU a cryptocurrency or a rewarding system?

YOU is basically a user rewarding and a payment/transfer system. Generally this is defined as a currency but it is totally new and un-liked to others.

YOU is a financial asset that aims to build a democratic economic system and an innovative payment gateway. YOU is based on the recognition of a totally humanistic principle of the Internet. In the company’s vision,  the network is created by users and, therefore, it exists thanks to a mutual contribution to the system, that’s the reason why anyone who gives any contribution to the Web value chain has to be awarded.

How can I receive YOU?

Just install the software plug-in in your browser and fill the strong authentication form. From that time on your web browsing will be awarded with “YOU”. YOU will be assigned according to an algorithm mainly calculating, among other parameters, the time and the interaction of the user on the web. In accordance with the provisions of the platform terms of use, tracking cookies will be deleted after each browsing session and no user preferences or any other information will be stored for profiling purposes. It’s a new virtual currency that breaks an established system offering one of the most innovative and reliable IT platform.

What is the big added value of YOU? 

YOU are free, incredibly easy to generate , democratic, ethic (no pre-allocation of YOU to the company), transparent (we will publish all the core date related to the systems), safe and reliable. Users will be given the possibility to convert YOU into fiat money directly from our platform as soon as an adequate number of YOU will be distributed.

The value of this digital asset is then determined by the free market among users regardless of the company that is allocating it. The company is not going to pre-allocate any YOU, users will create some currency to be allocated to the company as a reward for being allowed to use the system for free. It is a winning interpretation of the economic laws and market trends: web economy depends on people interacting with an advanced and technological multimedia tool, where the individual is often an unconscious driver of global trends and interests ending up by being prey of the majors. These indicators of connectivity and social behaviors affect markets in a positive light through and thanks to YOU.

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